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In light of this piece, allow me share a piece of my story.

I made some digital artworks over the last year now because like the fox, I felt I could make a couple of dollars (even if just $100. I can put that on my CV) from selling them as NFTs (the hype is on).

The lion's share of the next move is however now two decisions facing me :

1- Wait to get enough money to pump gas into them and then rocket off. Might take another year or 2.

2- Look for investors right now and perhaps get their funding. More risky but the experience of looking for investors might be equally fruitful.

Perhaps we also need dice once in a while. Roll the dice and live.

I rolled it and 1 was the best option.

The art will mature like fine wine. Hence bee sweeter.

Afterall, It too is courage to wait when everyone else is flying right past you.

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