I see you mostly critique the ideology machine by way of rejecting it.

But what if, just saying as an alternative viewpoint, we embraced ideology machines.

Allow me say why I think you reject ideology machines. I think that you also think, that they are too unstable.

Too prone to spark ill-pondered wars.

Certainly, on the basis of biology, human beings seem to be going against nature with their broad-casting techniques (not to forget the other side of the coin - mass data collection of the reactions of mass broad-casts. So as to feed it all into an AI.

AI. The ultimate accelerator of mass actions. For it says "you will like this even more because you like it most already". What a simplistic but effective mind hack.

NB. It doesn't usually say "you seem to like this most already". ).

This going against nature is causing us distress. But the speed of progress necessitates that we behave as conflicting "masses" and not as individuals trying to weigh everything carefully.

We produce today too much for the mind to weigh that the only way to live is to choose one's ideology machine and cross the fingers.

But what if we rejected our body's "natural reaction" and proclaimed ideology as good. Perceived it as good.

Transcended our whims.

Oh if only we transcended our whims.

Engaged with opposing ideology for the purpose of improving the aesthetics of human conflict and not just for the raw gut feeling that we are so prone too. That we give in too easily to today, like how we gorge on fries and chocolate.

As good not for war, because war comes from thinking opposing ideology is bad.

Good because we can engage in honorable "red" vs "blue" combat.

Death in battle is honorable too, because it comes after much deliberation to not kill or be killed. But to play.

I think our problem today is we are not playing. We are .. I don't know. Reaching.

Reaching for what, nobody knows.

Desperately trying to grasp something.

More life, perhaps ??

But there is nothing to be gained even if you made a trillion dollars. Except amnesia of how you even got so far.

And yet if only we play more deliberately, how rich the memories.

With hugging our enemies more often, how good life would be.

How full.

Ideology or not.

That is the dream. Socialist or Capitalist, doesn't mater. In love, that's what matters.

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Give us the great chunks and the examples!

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Since the age of mass printing, it is critical thinking instead of reading that means literacy. How about the age mass digitalisation? What may actually means literacy? Marshal Mcluhan put forward the idea of media literacy. But what does that mean? Try content or what MM called "programmes" in various media (dialog, print, video, audio, twitter, blog) and see how we are actually influenced by media rather than content itself. And it is only on the personal level. Engineering the media is more important than delivering the message. Twitter may look toxic and violent at times, but seem nothing compared to television, which give audience almost no opportunity to think not to mention to argue or contribute. Twitter may not be the solution, but we are in dire need for a medium that allows meaningful and in-depth dialogs.

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yeah, that medium is Twitter

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